Who We Are

image is the rapidly expanding, single largest collection of top tier medical cannabis operators in the world.  Our associate consultants and operators span every aspect of the industry throughout each medical cannabis state in the nation.  Cumulatively, they possess in excess of 2,000 years experience in the medical cannabis industry.


provides superior guidance in all areas of the medical cannabis industry. Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Full review and analysis of a cultivation facility concept, design, and operations
  • Complete build out of a turn-key operation in any medical cannabis state
  • Full sensor equipped and automated real time monitoring installations
  • Project management for a new cultivation or dispensary operation from license preparation through full implementation
  •  POS and tracking software assistance including personnel training
  • Assistance, review, and input regarding state legislation and local ordinances
  • Staffing and management of a new or existing facility
  • Recruitment, placement, and development of cultivation center staff and management
  • Medical cannabis investors seeking an assessment of a current proposal, or exploring the various options within the industry
  • Assessment of the industry for the challenges, strategies, and opportunities in product research, development, and marketing


is here to provide the highest level of guidance in the world and strives to be the number one source for all your industry needs. We are not only a source for combined expertise, but also unsurpassed passion, and are always pleased to assist. We take the greatest pride in maintaining a firm and reputation in which the top tier operators of the world turn to for their operational guidance and solutions.