Medical Marijuana Investors

The medical marijuana industry, while firmly established, remains in its infancy in the United States . The medical marijuana investor faces a unique set of challenges within the industry that transcends traditional analysis of proposed opportunities.

Most typically associate the traditional operations, such as cultivation, dispensary/retail, concentrates, and edibles. The opportunities for the investor far surpass the above.

If addressing cultivation or retail, Canna Consultants are well versed on each and every detail of any operation and every nuance which a successful indoor or outdoor operation entails, as well as potential problems that may be faced, from how initial concept, design, and many choices can affect productivity, through accurate budgeting of the proposed. Many proposals may appear on the surface to be not only sound, but relatively attractive, yet upon further comprehensive review by seasoned operators, may reveal flaws in not only initial capital required, projected expenses, method of operation and systems chosen, through the true capability and understanding of the operation(s) as a whole by either the proposed operator, staff, or both.

Whether you are seeking a review of a current proposal(s), have an interest in entering this emerging lucrative industry but do not know where to begin, or would like to discuss your options available locally or even nationwide, as well as the limitless options for strategic structuring of potential participation, we are here to assist.

If your risk tolerance and investment preferences fall outside of the traditional we would be pleased to discuss how our expertise and creativity may serve you and your investment needs and objectives. It is often overlooked the virtually limitless opportunities that lay within this emerging industry, all with different capital requirements, exposure, and risk. We frequently arrange engagements in which we address the past, present, and future of industry in depth, and each and every one of the existing, and emerging avenues, and the potential pitfalls, capital requirements, and risk each and every carry. In fact, we see cultivation and retail, for various reasons, quite possibly some of the least attractive options in many cases.