Dispensary Consulting

In the very competitive arena of medical cannabis dispensaries, there are endless strategies which can be utilized to set one apart from the vast competition.  Too often, simple albeit operation defining considerations can be made which can significantly increase profitability as well as market share.  With expert dispensary consultants whom have owned and operated throughout various states, can advise on all operational considerations, including, but not limited to:  staffing, training, patient services, product procurement, pricing, increasing market share, as well as interior design and flow to maximize the patient experience.


Superior project management is also a significant factor when addressing the decision to commit and pursue a cultivation or dispensary operation, specifically as states begin to limit licenses granted. The coordination beginning with the license application preparation, proper site selection and negotiation, conception, design and build out, followed by recruitment, staffing, all of which are executed simultaneously to produce a fully operational, fully staffed, turn-key operation as soon as able following license approval.  A quick turnaround, as stated, can have an immeasurable impact on revenues, as well as establishing market share.


When engaged to serve in this capacity, we are unsurpassed in our total and complete command of any and every aspect, every moment, of every day until operational.


We are also able to assist with many aspects from site selection, design, and strategic and creative marketing which can position your operation to exceed the performance of all others. Each and every situation, operation, and state are unique and require an individually tailored plan of attack. We do limit our intake and representation of dispensary clients.