Cannabis Business Brokerage

As medical cannabis states increase in number, and with many more states implementing recreational legislation, and numerous more schedules for 2016, the opportunities within the industry are far more numerous than ever before. Restrictive application, licensing, and registration processes required by many emerging states, accompanied with increasingly high fees make various existing options nationwide that much more attractive. We frequently find ourselves in an advisory role to principals and groups seeking the best approach to evolve and adapt with the industry through expansion nationwide.

Our founder has participated and managed real estate and business brokerage, in addition to serving the cannabis industry, for almost 3 decades. We can assist with not only the purchase and sale of existing, turnkey facilities, but also with the formation of strategic positioning, marketing, and operational guidelines within the industry.

Furthermore, it is sometimes the case that with additional analysis and consulting, a potential sale may be advised against, and the operation in question retained, with greater potential created by generating new and existing revenue streams, as well as operational revisions.

Many operations and states do contain numerous variables, including but not limited to residency requirements, which may require the unique structuring of the operation and transaction according to the investor's and principal's situation.

Whether cultivation or retail operation, whether medical, existing recreational, or a pending recreational footprint is desired, we can assist. The nationwide inventory changes daily. Please let us know your interests and how we may be of service. We are currently fielding numerous inquiries and projects addressing: Colorado, California, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Michigan, Nevada, Illinois.