Legislative and Political Consulting

Nationwide, the drafting and implementation of state legislation and local ordinances addressing the medical cannabis industry seek the balance of accommodating not only the objectives of the sponsor(s) of the proposed legislation, but also the industry operators, the needs of the patient, and the communities in which the operations reside.


Far too often, the delicate balance between the need and requirements of all to create and establish successful rules, regulations, and ordinances fail to materialize due to lack of understanding the numerous possible ways in which all can, indeed, be accomplished. It is often the case that the true nature and benefits of the proposed legislation and ordinances either overlook or restrict the very individuals that the original legislation was brought to be to provide and protect:  the patients.


is always pleased to review and assist with any and all proposed legislation and ordinances to show sponsors various ways in which the interests of not only the community, but the operators, and patients, can achieve a harmonious balance.