Design and Build Consulting

A successful cultivation facility, whether indoor, or outdoor, is the culmination of countless aspects coming together, whether a limited budget, smaller scale indoor cultivation center, or a larger, outdoor commercial environment.


There are many seemingly “minor” nuances of any given operation which may very well be altered to significantly affect the productivity and profitability of an operation. From site selection and negotiation, cultivation methods and systems chosen, nutrient lines, strain selection, through final processing, lay endless variables which may dramatically impact production and revenue. Once production has begun, any alterations which disrupt production can greatly impact facility profitability, while set up and initial design flaws often may not if corrected or adjusted before operations are in full swing.  If production has already begun, strategic adjustments and alterations are utilized, in combination with project management in order to minimize the costs and loss of revenue due to any alterations meant to maximize production in the long term. 


Properly planned initial design can not only allow for initial budget constraints, but simultaneously, future expansion and upgrades as well when additional capital is available.


Additionally, day to day operations can be dramatically impacted by oversights during the conception of the proposed project, resulting in supply and demand gaps, and lost revenue for the operation in question.


This is a crucial process which is often not addressed as thoroughly as it should be, with numerous oversights not identified until the facility is complete and operations begun, at which point can very well result in near irreversible operational and functional obstacles, leading to not only failing to reach production and revenue targets, but affecting more areas than one might realize, including retention of quality staff.


Through our exceptional team we are able to carry out any proposed conception, design and build in any state requested, whether that is a smaller operation allowing for strategic future expansion or a turn-key, fully automated, real time monitored, state of the art facility.


We can also assist with blank slate or existing large scale outdoor operations, and are able to thoroughly address any and every aspect from strain selection through staffing and management.


Superior project management is also a significant factor when addressing the decision to commit and pursue a cultivation or dispensary operation, specifically as states begin to limit licenses granted. The coordination beginning with the license application preparation, proper site selection and negotiation, conception, design and build out, followed by recruitment, staffing, all of which are executed simultaneously to produce a fully operational, fully staffed, turn-key operation as soon as able following license approval.  A quick turnaround, as stated, can have an immeasurable impact on revenues, as well as establishing market share.


When engaged to serve in this capacity, we are unsurpassed in our total and complete command of any and every aspect, every moment, of every day until operational.


We would be pleased to assist with any scenario. Your success is our success. We take the greatest pride in being a source the top tier operators of the world turn to for their operational guidance and solutions.