Training Your Staff

The knowledge base, skill sets, and experience of operators within this industry vary greatly from position to position. has extensive experience in the training of thousands of team members over 2 decades in virtually all facets of the industry.


can not only assist in employee screening, review, and analysis but also the thorough training of staff according to the contracting organizations guidelines and needs including: seed to sale tracking, point of sale records, as well as necessary cultivation and dispensary skills which broadly range from propagation to equipment maintenance to patient services, encompassing everything in between. 


Often, the most desirable candidates possessing the above may be unavailable due to prior engagement or contractual obligations, and the supervised development and cultivation of talent becomes a viable option for any given position. We at take the greatest pride in our ability to not only identify candidates with untapped and unrealized potential within certain segments, but to assist in the further development of such, creating the top tier operators of tomorrow.