Cultivation Management

is able to fill any operational gaps that ownership may find themselves facing, as well as the staffing, training, and full time management of virtually any indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor facility called for. In an industry in which even a temporary gap may result in not only a substantial decline in revenue, but also a surrender of market share, we can help manage the operation for continual and consistent returns.


in addition to our associates, partners, and operators are well versed on each and every nuance of any given existing or proposed indoor or outdoor operation with a cumulative experience surpassing 2,000 years and over 1,000 commercial cultivation operations.  Please let us know how we may assist.


Superior project management is also a significant factor when addressing the decision to commit and pursue a cultivation or dispensary operation, specifically as states begin to limit licenses granted. The coordination beginning with the license application preparation, proper site selection and negotiation, conception, design and build out, followed by recruitment, staffing, all of which are executed simultaneously to produce a fully operational, fully staffed, turn-key operation as soon as able following license approval.  A quick turnaround, as stated, can have an immeasurable impact on revenues, as well as establishing market share.


When engaged to serve in this capacity, we are unsurpassed in our total and complete command of any and every aspect, every moment, of every day until and through operational commencement.


Illinois Cultivation Center applicants please note that your cultivation center application will require resume(s) and qualifications demonstrating a cultivation management team with significant experience in the industry, and we would be glad to discuss management contracts and engagements. We take the greatest pride in being the source the top tier operators of the nation turn to for their guidance and solutions.